About Us

The USU Women's Lacrosse team is the newest member of Campus Recreation Club Sports. The team competes during the spring semester but has many practices in the fall. The team is a member of the Rocky Mountain Women's Lacrosse League.

Bulletin Board

  • The team fought a hard battle against Air Force last Friday in the regional tournament and got the win. But they lost to U of U on Saturday.
  • The team will be looking for new recruits next season when school starts.


Team President

Caitlin Foster

Email: CaitlinAFoster@icloud.com

Phone: 530-351-5015

Vice President

Cara Glabau

Email: CjGlabau@comcast.net



Carrie Fjeldsted

Email: usulax@gmail.com


Women's Lacrosse is sponsored by Utah State University Dinning Services