School of Graduate Studies

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Degree Requirements

  • A 3.0 GPA is required for all graduate degrees.
  • Although most are done much sooner, students have up to 6 years to complete a master's degree and up to 8 years to complete a doctorate.
  • For a master's degree, the minimum number of credits required ranges from 30-36; 24 of those credits must be from USU.
  • For a PhD or EdD, 60 semester credits is the minimum if you have a master's degree in a related field; 90 credits are required otherwise.
  • Doctoral students must meet an academic residency requirement which ensures that the doctoral student experience includes at least one period of concentrated attention to study, research, and interaction with faculty. For full details, review the policy in the General Catalog.
  • Up to 12 semester, graduate-level credits (credits should have grades of B or higher, should not be more than 8 years old, and should not have been used for another degree) may be transferred to a USU graduate degree from an accredited university if approved by the student's supervisory committee.