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The School of Graduate Studies offers 3 types of scholarships, 2 are awarded to students who have been nominated by someone from the college, and 1 is available to qualifying students whose parent(s) graduated from USU.

Departments and colleges often offer additional scholarships. Check with your department or college to see what scholarships it offers.

Alumni Legacy Nonresident Scholarship

Award: The Alumni Legacy Nonresident Scholarship waives the nonresident portion of tuition and is automatically renewed each semester as long as the student remains in good standing

Criteria: A student must be admitted into a graduate program, have a least 1 parent (biological, step, or legal guardian) who earned an associate's degree or higher from Utah State University, and enroll as a first-time student at USU. Time spent in Utah on the scholarship cannot be counted toward establishing Utah residency for tuition purposes.

After being accepted into a graduate program at USU, complete the Parent Verification Form and submit to the School of Graduate Studies

Seely-Hinckley Scholarship

Download Application - Deadline: April 16
Note: This application is for college/faculty/staff use only

Award: Eight scholarships which award in-state tuition for up to nine credits, and cover student fees for two semesters. If the recipient is a nonresident student, the School of Graduate Studies will also provide a nonresident tuition award for up to nine credits for two semesters.

Criteria: Students must not have exceeded the 70-credit tuition award limit to be eligible for this scholarship.

Intended for outstanding graduate students who face serious financial difficulties. Each college nominates two students per year, and from this pool eight are selected to receive the scholarship.