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Employee Benefits

For Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah Provider information log on to

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Health Care Reform Preventive Care List

Regence Representative Dates: 11am-2pm at the HR Building

July: 31

August: 14, 28

September: 11, 25

October: 9, 23

November: 6, 20

December: 4, 18

Retirement Counseling

Utah Retirement Systems (URS), TIAA-CREF and Fidelity all have representatives who come on campus to do one-on-one counseling. Please call to schedule appointments: Utah Retirement Systems 1-800-365-8772; TIAA-CREF 1-800-732-8353,; Fidelity 1-800-642-7131.

Schedule for TIAA-CREF and Fidelity

TIAA-CREF - Ryan Peterson -for appointments call 800-732-8353

August: 5 - SDL

August: 6, 7, 8 - Logan Main Campus

September: 16, 17, 18 - Logan Main Campus

Fidelity - Teo Ngatuvai - For appointments call 800-813-1239

August: 1, 14

New Employee Benefit Orientation

If you are a new employee and need to sign up for benefits, please call 797-0216 for an appointment.

Healthcare Outside of Utah

Go to the National Association site. From the home page use “Find a Doctor or Hospital” and put in the first three letters of the ID which for USU is ZHL. You can search by zip code, city and state, and/or provider specialty.

Healthcare Outside the U.S.

BlueCard Worldwide Brochure

BlueCard Worldwide General Info

Links to Providers

  MetLife 1-877-638-7515

The Hartford

Zurich AD&D


Retirement Healthcare Savings Plan


Health Advocate




Employee Access to the Student Health and Wellness Center

Know your Numbers Flow Chart

Be Well Employee Clinic Information

Lactation/Mothers Rooms Available on Campus:

  • Fine Arts 129
  • Family Life 316
  • BNR 116
  • Merrill-Cazier Library 134
  • Merrill-Cazier Library 246
  • Ag Science 410
  • Distance Education 002
  • TSC 216

FMLA Rights and Responsibilities

       ADA Presentation

Discounts Programs offered through the Alumni Office